Music Influencer Tips

Music Influencer Tips discusses 6 tips to being a stronger music influencer

How to Find A Music Investor: Watch This First!

How to Find A Music Investor: Watch This First. Finding and Working With an Investor
Music Investors

Getting It Done

Getting It Done: 7 Tips from seven world leaders on execution and success. Napoleon Hill and Many More. 

Bad Bosses Of Music

Bad Bosses Of Music: Learn how to work for a jerk in the music business in these 3 tips. 

Exercise In Gratefulness

Exercise In Gratefulness: Building self awareness by focusing on what we already “have." 

The Unique Artist Part 2

The Unique Artist Part 2: Uniqueness is the key to success:

The Addicted Musician

The Addicted Musician: Are you—or a loved one—struggling with drug addiction? Get help here.

Copyright, Copy Wrong:

Copyright, Copy Wrong: Why So Many People Mis-treat the Law

Crisis Management

Crisis Management: How to keep rumors and mishaps from spreading on and offline.

When Fans Go Mad

When Fans Go Mad: Defining safe borders between “fan” and “friend" in the music business.


Music Attorney Fees: Breaking down lawyer fee structures! 

Pro Tools Versus Logic

Pro Tools Versus Logic. Learn which software is more affordable, universal, and practical to pursue your music career. 

Artist / Producer

Artist / Producer: Want to be both a successful artist and producer? Learn how here. 

Product Innovation

Product Innovation: Gain a competitive advantage in the crowded marketplace by using the “MAYA Principle of Innovation.” 
jeff Hirsch

Age Discrimination in Music

Age Discrimination in Music: Three Pieces of Info that You Need to Hear

Future of Music Synch

Future of Music Synch: New Opportunities in Film/TV/Games/Ads

Writing Unique Pop Songs

Writing Unique Pop Songs. How to standout while still fitting in

Trick Marketing: Don’t Do It!

Trick Marketing: Build Long-Term and Loyal Followers Instead.


Unique Artists: Tell a compelling story to reach the worldview of a niche and passionate audience

Copyright MMA

Copyright MMA: The MLC, CLASSICS Act, AMP act and More

Meditation for Musicians

Meditation For Musicians: Calm your mind and unblock creativity with these useful tips

From Gang to Gong-Ho

From Gang to Gong-Ho: Turning Your Life Around Through Music. Featuring Rapper Tall Cuzz

Path to Financial Freedom

Path To Financial Freedom: Debt stacking, credit unions, and robo-investing

F*ck Record Labels

F*ck Record Labels. Don’t need a record label? Maybe you don’t, maybe you do. 

Branding For Musicians

Branding For Musicians: Build powerful bonds with fans by making your brand “mean” something.  

Creating a Public Image

Creating a Public Image: Attract fans with expertise, commonality, humor and more. Guest: USC Professor Michael Cody. Time: 8:49

The Digital Future of Music

The Digital Future of Music: Identify new opportunities by knowing where the music industry is heading. Guest: Dr Morten Bay. Time: 12:49

Innovating New Income Streams

Innovating New Income Streams: New Product Innovation: Increase Your Revenue Streams and Thrive With These 7 Tips. Bobby Borg. Time: 12:08

How To Become a Wealthy Musician

How to Become a Wealthy Musician: How to get rich in the music business and become The Wealthy Musician in three simple steps. Guest M. Nedlin Time: 11:07

Writing Songs for Other Artists

Writing Songs for Other Artists. There’s more ways to make money in music placements than Writing Music For Hit Artists. Guest: Michael Laskow of Taxi. Time: 7:19.

How To Release Music: Roadmap To Release

How To Release Music: Roadmap To Release: Chart a successful course from EP, to video, to live performance set. Guest: Barry Squire (Former Warner Bros. Records A&R). Time: 11:26.

How to Build Social Media Awareness

How to Build Social Media Awareness: Attract fans online via engagement, quality, frequency, and more. Guest Dr Morten Bay: Quick watch:11:03 long.

Producer Deals For Independent Musicians

Producer Deals For Independent Musicians: Learn the basics of barter, on-spec, and work-made-for-hire deals. Guest Producer Eric Corne. Time: 10:40

Tax Deductions For Self-Employed Musicians

Tax Deductions For Self-Employed Musicians. Money is tight! Why pay more in taxes than you have to? Guest Charles Laing (Short watch: Just 9:49 long).

Sexual Harassment In Music

Sexual Harassment In Music: The sexual complexity of the Producer/Artist relationship. Guest. USC Dr. Daniella Baroffio. Time: 12:58.

Networking in the Music Industry

Networking in the Music Industry: Get work, make money, and form powerful alliances with these 7 networking tips. Guest. USC Freddy Nager. Time: 14:05

Mother Knows Best: Success Tips For Musicians

Mother Knows Best: Success Tips For Musicians. Sometimes the best tips come from our Moms. Time: 7:20.

Ad Tips For Musicians: Writing Killer Ads that Convert

Ad Tips For Musicians: Writing Killer Ads that Convert: Learn 7 Tips to creating ads that will save your time and money. Guest: USC Professor Ira Kalb. Time: 8:56

Music and Social Causes

Music and Social Causes: Make music that matters, that sends a message of hope, and that builds an allegiance of loyal fans. Guest: Dr Daniella Baroffio. Time: 11:29.

Mental Health Tips For Musicians

Identifying problems, getting help, and taking action towards better mental health. Guest: Susan Bowlin Time: 12:52

Father Knows Best: Life Tips for Musicians

Life Tips For Musicians: Sometimes the best tips come from our Dads: Watch Time: 7:38

LGBTQ Musicians

Identify the challenges, affect, and support for LGBTQ musicians. Guest: Susan Bowling. Watch Time: Just 11:02.  

Working Successfully in Music

Learn how to successfully find, keep, and leave a job in the music industry. Guest. Dr Chaz Austin. Time: 8:54.

State of Recording Deals

Know what to expect if or when you’re approached by a label. GuestBen McLane. 10:56