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In Master Versus Song Copyrights, Bobby Borg discusses the difference between master and song copyrights in simple terms.  

Tired of releasing and promoting music looks at ways for musicians who are burned out on releasing and promoting music to keep moving their music careers forward.  

Showcasing music versus getting feedback shows musicians the reality of shutting up when getting feedback from music industry professionals. Listen and learn people. 

Music Biz TikToks showcases my best-of TikToks of the last few weeks. Quick, to-the-point music biz advice with Bobby Borg you can use! Also be sure to subscribe to Bobby Borg on YouTube and TikTok

When getting feedback for your music, avoid doing these four things. You'll get more respect and learn more

Should I get my music critiqued and make adjustments before releasing it?

Career advice for music business students guides music students toward a practical business approach to their career

Taxi Music Service Review With Screener Bobby Borg discusses the Pros/Cons of joining Taxi Music. 

Music Career Success Tips discusses tips for musicians pursuing a career in music

Publishing Mistakes Musicians Make looks at common mistakes that musicians make in publishing.

More Music Marketing Tips and Tactics briefly looks at two other strategies for marketing music.

Music Distribution - I Asked 32 Musicians which music distribution service they use. And the winner...

The complete marketing process for musicians provides a tested and proven process for musicians marketing their music.

How often should I release music singles discusses how often music artists should release their music singles.